Terms of use

When you register to use PITC’s services, you are understood to agree and must comply with the terms and conditions below (referred to as “terms of use”). PITC features or applications are also included in these terms of use. PITC has the right to adjust and change the terms of use by updating information at the website Pitcgroup.com.vn. You can see updated information at any time here. If you continue to use the service, it means you accept and agree to abide by the updated terms of use. Any violation by you of these terms and conditions may result in suspension or termination of account or services.

We recommend that you check back here to read the terms of service to see if there are any new updates that may affect you.

Conditions for service registration

You must be over 18 years old to use PITC’s services.
You must provide your full name, current address, accurate email and other necessary related information to fully enjoy PITC’s user support policy.
You should be aware that PITC will use your email as the primary method of communication between the two parties.
You are obligated to keep your own password confidential. PITC does not commit to bear any damage to users if it comes from your failure to keep your password secure.
You are fully responsible for the data, images, reports and website links that you post to your PITC account. You may not submit any virus or code that affects others.
Any violation of the terms of use, PITC will immediately stop the services you are using of PITC.
The person registering to use the service will be considered the account owner and is affected by these entire terms of use.

General Terms

You agree to use the service only for your personal or commercial purposes. PITC strives to protect your personal information and privacy, however we cannot guarantee the security of any information you transmit online. Agreeing to this agreement means you are aware of certain limitations thereof. By using the service, you agree to the following:

Provide truthful, accurate and complete information as requested by PITC.
The Services may not be transferred, licensed or resold, in whole or in part, unless you are an authorized partner of PITC. In case of arbitrarily transferring services to a third party without PITC’s consent, it is a violation of the contract and full responsibility before the law.
Your content (not including credit card information), may be transmitted unencrypted in cases where:

a) Transmission over many different networks.

b) Changes in equipment and connection networks to conform and adapt to technical requirements. Credit card information is always encrypted during transmission over the network.

We reserve the right to review, and remove content and accounts that contain content that violates the law, is offensive, threatening, libelous, defamatory, or violates the intellectual property of any third party. any other.
In the event that products, services, information or other materials are purchased, sold or transmitted through the use of PITC or products not owned by PITC, we will in no way be responsible or liable. quality assurance.
You expressly understand and agree that PITC shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, or exemplary damages resulting from any violation of these terms of use, including damages loss of profits, reputation, use, data or other intangible damage resulting from the use of PITC services.
You acknowledge and agree that you will be bound by these terms of use and privacy information (full information at https://pitcgroup.com.vn/chinh-sach-bao-mat)

Benefits of PITC :

We reserve the right to modify or terminate the service for any reason, without prior notice.
We reserve the right to refuse service to any individual for any reason.
We may remove content or any account that is illegal, offensive, libelous, threatening, obscene or intentionally infringes intellectual property.
PITC does not preview or approve any information content on the user’s website, they are responsible for their own content.
We reserve the right to provide services to your competitors or commit to being exclusive to any partner for any segment.
In the event of a dispute over account ownership, we have the full right to request documents to prove your account ownership. Documentation may include, and is not limited to, copies of your business license, identification card, etc.
PITC has the right to decide on the legal ownership of the account and can transfer this right to the valid owner. If we cannot determine the exact ownership, PITC will freeze

this account until the conclusion between the disputing parties is determined.

Limitation of liability

PITC will not accept any responsibility or liability for the consequences of unauthorized access to servers, websites, PITC applications, equipment and data of you or your customers. because of accidents, illegal vehicles, third party equipment and other causes beyond PITC’s control.
As a condition of using this website and services, you agree that PITC, its employees, member organizations, shareholders, agents, and suppliers shall not be liable to third parties for any loss of profits, business opportunities, damages, costs arising directly or indirectly from connecting to this website or using PITC’s services.
PITC will not bear any responsibility or joint liability for the quality of products, services, or information of third-party websites linked to website www.pitcgroup.com.vn. In addition, you also understand that PITC has no responsibility or authority to confirm or certify information and quality of services or products or compensate for damages related to your use of services or products provided. advertise on that website. Please research your partner carefully before promoting cooperation to avoid unwanted losses. PITC does not guarantee nor is responsible for your business results after using the service.
PITC does not warrant that the service we provide will be uninterrupted, secure or error-free. However, PITC and its staff are committed to trying every possible condition and ability to ensure the website and services are always available.
PITC does not warrant that the quality of any products, services, information, or other material purchased or obtained by you through our services will meet your expectations, if any errors occur. born, we will fix it within allowable conditions.

Intellectual property rights

Website www.pitcgroup.com.vn, PITC software is copyrighted by PITC Investment Joint Stock Company.
All content at the website is owned by PITC. PITC allows you to view, download and print content when:

a) Use for personal purposes, not for commercial purposes.

b) Do not edit content.

c) Cite sources from the website according to regulations.

Customer content

We do not claim any intellectual property rights in the materials you provide to PITC’s services. All materials you submit to your website through PITC’s services are your sole property. You can delete your store at any time by deleting your account. This also means you delete all content you are storing on our service.
By uploading your content on your store, you agree to:

a) Allow other Internet users to view your website content.

b) Allow PITC to display and store that content.

c) PITC can view the data you have posted.

You retain ownership of all content on your website when you upload it, however, when you post it, you agree to be viewed by others. You are responsible for whether all content you post complies with the law or not.
We will not disclose any of your information to third parties, except when required such as in the case of a dispute over the right to use the service. Confidential information includes any documents or information you provide to us that you do not want the public to know. Confidential information does not include information:

a) Has been made public by the time we receive it.

b) Has come from domains that are publicly available after we receive them but are not due to our fault.

c) We receive your information from more than one person.

d) We are required by law.

Resovle problem

You are responsible for immediately notifying PITC when detecting a problem, and actively coordinating with PITC to fix it for you as soon as possible. In case the incident involves a third party, you are responsible for coordinating with the relevant parties to resolve it. You understand and accept that, in all cases, PITC will always try to support and fix it, however, PITC will not be responsible for damages arising from your lack of notice or concealment.

Payment costs

You can pay service fees to PITC in cash or transfer money directly to us through the payment gateways listed on PITC.
After payment, the system will send an online invoice to your email (which you provided when registering). The system will send notification of the payment period to your email 30 days in advance. If you do not pay the fee on time, you will have 10 days of usage and after 10 days, your account will be frozen. After 6 months, your account will be automatically canceled.
If you are not located in Vietnam, you are subject to the laws and taxes of your region or country.

Cancel service

You can cancel your account at any time by

Email us at [email protected] and we will then send you detailed instructions.
Once cancellation is confirmed, all content on your account will be deleted immediately.
If you cancel your service midway through your billing cycle, you will receive full billing notification information via email. We currently do not refund any excess costs.
We reserve the right to change or cancel PITC’s services for any reason without notice.

Third Party Services

PITC may provide you with access to the tools of other third parties with whom PITC has connected.
You must understand and agree that PITC provides the right to use these companies without any warranty of any kind, or representation thereof. PITC does not bear any responsibility related to third parties.
Any actions you take using third party tools will be your sole responsibility.